Fender Jazz Bass 1964 Sparkle Gold
Not a reissue, replica or repro, this is the real deal from 1964!!! If you are looking and you know what this is… no need to explain... But…, NO Issues what so ever, no solder joints touched, pickups original wind, they sound great!
No neck issues, Nice and straight no warps, twists or buzzes, original frets in great shape. Bass rings like a piano in the lower register. 8 ½ lbs.
Original custom Sparkle finish done in 1964, non matching head stock. Serial no: LXXXXX. Clay dots, 26th week of 64 pots. No repairs, extra holes, routs or touchups of any kind.
The Bass backlights perfect, no issues. Original no logo Black case, hang tag include. (eBay USA List Price: $48,000.00)



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